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Showcase sponsors Anderson Strathern announced their “Formidable but Friendly” Award for Outstanding Achievement 2009 on Wednesday night.

The overall winner was Michael Ridd from BDes (Hons) Product Design, for his “BabyBoard”, a new lightweight way to carry small children on public transport.

A number of other students exhibiting in the show also received Honourable Mentions:

Victoria Baty – BDes (Hons) Product Design – “Hybridians”
Arturo Pereira Delgado – BA (Hons) Photography and Film – “The Way to Macondo”
Albert Guardiola – BDes (Hons) Product Design – “Social Kitchen”
Jennifer Hargrave – BA (Hons) Photography and Film – “Minute”
Rebecca Kaye – MA Creative Advertising – “Childline”
Sam Luntley – BA (Hons) Photography and Film – “coop not hole”
Scott McPate & Tracey Darby – MA Creative Advertising (joint project) – “Scottish Seabird Centre”
Andrew Murray – MDes Interdisciplinary Design – “Made by…”
Laraine Naughton – BDes (Hons) Interior Architecture – “Heart of Leith”
Paul Rich – BDes (Hons) Interior Architecture – “Safe Haven”
Zoe Winters – BA (Hons) Photography and Film – “Animal”


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